How Google views your website & what you can do to help boost your rankings

Jan 22, 2024
Daniel Burt
Web Development Company UK - Web Choice

In December 2023, Google rolled out a major update that changed the playing field in terms of SEO and its impact on search engine rankings. The ramifications of this update can be summarised as follows:

There is now a greater emphasis on local SEO and more in-depth analysis of content, with a focus on ranking high-quality content above generic and AI-generated content.

Navigating the SEO Disruption: Authenticity Takes Center Stage

This new update has been widely viewed as fairly disruptive in the industry and will certainly influence the creation of content from this point of time onwards. Authenticity is now more important than ever, and it simply will no longer be good enough to spam regurgitated content in high volumes if you are trying to impress Google. Originality, with well-researched and referenced findings, all with the aim of being the voice of authority in your sector or niche, one that can be consistently trusted for information and expertise.

The Evolution of Google: Staying Ahead in the SEO Game

Google is of course ever-evolving, and we would be foolish to believe that this latest update will keep things as they are for more than a few months, so it's very important to keep an eye on general trends when these updates come in to try and predict where things are headed for SEO. If this latest update is anything to go by, then we can foresee a colossal battle on the horizon between the search engines and AI-generated content. This showdown is inevitable, and as more and more companies can see how AI resources such as ChatGPT and DeepAI can massively speed up content creation, Google will have to respond in ever more ingenious ways as it aims to distinguish content and prioritise high-value content over mass-produced and homogenised AI content.

Character Matters: Finding Your Unique Voice in Content Creation

So, what can you do as a content creator that will help to appease Google’s latest ruleset and be sure your output doesn’t result in a drop in the search engine rankings?

There is a tendency when creating content to adopt the same bland, monotone voice in an attempt to sound professional and authoritative. But when you think about who the author of such content actually is, it’s practically impossible to discern who they are as an individual. A truly unique and authentic voice has character; it’s a voice that’s not afraid to use unconventional terms and perhaps even unconventional takes on subjects.

Building Trust with Authenticity: Your Audience Craves Realness

Authenticity builds trust, and it also builds an audience base. Think about your favorite authors; you come back to them time and time again because, while you might not know how their latest story will end, you have a good idea of how the prose will be written and the lens through which the characters and their settings will be portrayed.

Content Creation Mantra: Be Yourself, Not a Robot

When creating content, try to approach it from the perspective of your audience. What are they looking for exactly? What problem are they trying to solve, and what might make them respond well to your offering?

It’s a terribly trite thing to say, but when it comes to content creation, just try being yourself, because you can be certain that your audience isn’t looking for generic, soulless content that sounds like it’s been written by a robot!

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