Web Choice on AI and its intersection with Web Design and SEO?

September 14, 2023
Daniel Burt

Web Choice on the topic of AI & its intersection with Web Design & SEO

There’s no escaping nor denying it, the age of AI is upon us. Industries will, as we’ve been told, be irrevocably changed, and to a greater or lesser extent, the way in which we all work will never be the same again. An overstatement, mere hyperbole? - Throughout history there have been comparable moments where innovation and technological advancements have had a profound and transformative impact on us. Indeed, the internet itself hasn’t been around for all that many years, and virtually nobody could tell you that it hasn’t changed how we access and share information, and communicate on a daily basis.

The introduction of AI has the potential to be as transformative as the internet, perhaps even more so, and the disciplines of both Web Design and SEO will certainly not be left untouched by its influence.

The future of Web Design

If the aim of effective web design is to deliver the best, most engaging user experiences, then AI is the perfect tool for analysing vast quantities of user data and using it to improve all aspects of the customer journey; from navigation, to CTAs, and targeted assistance. AI has the power to work out how an individual is using a page, form, or consuming content, and can then use this information to predict future behaviours.

Data-Driven Experiences

Imagine this scenario, a potential prospect is evaluating alternative products, AI is studying how much time is spent on each page, and exactly where the prospect is drawn to. It could, as an example, then extrapolate that price was the main discerning factor for this prospect, and then generate a CTA with an offer specifically targeted to the individual.

Intelligent Help

Another example is in the advancement of ‘help forms’. Currently, users are forced through what is effectively a flow-diagram to establish a pain point and recommend a solution. AI is very good at adapting to human prompts in realtime, and can quickly identify a problem. We can expect traditional help forms to be replaced completely, as AI chatbots become more and more better able to replicate human interactions.

Data-Crafted Content

Web content itself could be generated by AI. Imagine a future whereby every individual receives a unique experience whenever they visit a site. Their past interactions and their stats determine content created specifically for you. It knows you have a family, but that you like sporty cars for example. You visit a car manufacturers’ site and are met with video content that's equally weighted to sell the attractive ‘sporty’ nature of the car, plus the practical / safety features that it boasts.

SEO Battlegrounds

As we know, artificial intelligence has the capability to mine vast quantities of SEO data. With the release of new AI SEO tools such as; Pro Rank Tracker, RankIQ and Page Optimizer Pro, web designers are able to build sites that rank exceptionally well with the search engines. And when SEO is working well, AI can ensure it keeps doing so whilst incremental tweaks are made. Right now, it’s Google that’s evaluating sites and categorising them, but a future whereby AI auditing innovations allow for real time response is virtually with us now.

There is inevitably a downside to using AI for SEO efforts, and that is that as long as it does its job well enough, everyone else will be using it too. We can foresee an arms race between Google and AI, whereby Google is constantly looking out for AI generated SEO content and subsequently marking it down, whilst artificial intelligence keeps improving with the focussed goal of creating content that’s indistinguishable from human crafted content - Which will ultimately prevail?, we believe that the smart money is on AI

Where this all Leaves us

Industry titans such as Google and Adobe have already rolled-out AI tools and platforms to help with the creation of sites and content, and many more will follow as it becomes iteratively more powerful.

What we as humans deem to be true creativity is still out of the reach of AI, and for the foreseeable future at least, creative individuals will still be needed to help craft evocative, complex, dynamic and emotionally engaging websites and content that is beyond the ability of machine-learning…. But for how much longer?

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