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Web Choice is an established SaaS SEO company based in London. We aim to improve the visibility of SaaS websites through proven SEO methods. With our custom SaaS SEO services, your website benefits from increased exposure on all major search engines.

Gain higher rankings on Google to establish website authority, increase traffic, and generate more leads and conversions.

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Our SaaS SEO Solutions

SEO Audit

Before we start to develop a SaaS SEO strategy, we complete an extensive SEO audit. This involves analysing each existing SEO component on the website, checking its status and performance.

Search engines consdier various factors to determine website optimisation. So, we’ll review each of these to gain a clear picture of your current SEO and where improvements can be made.

For example, when completing an SEO audit, we analyse how well current keywords rank. We keep existing keywords that are improving SEO while suggesting new target keywords that you should take advantage of.

Through an SEO audit, we have a clear understanding of the best SaaS SEO strategies to implement to meet goals of each organisation.

Keyword Research and Gap Analysis

Any SaaS SEO expert understands the importance of keyword research. It is one the main components of SEO for a SaaS business, allowing us to identify keywords used by target consumers.

SEO for tech companies involves a lot of targeted keywords in specific niches. So, we don’t just search for keyword volume, but also keyword intent and keyword competition. This helps us develop more targeted keywords specific to your niche, driving traffic in the right direction towards the site.

Equipped with this information, we develop relative and engaging content that takes advantage of a wide selection of selection of keywords to improve ranking.

Keyword requirements are unique for every SaaS business. So, we take the time and effort to complete extensive keyword research and gap analysis relevant to each business.

On Page SEO

SaaS SEO agencies in the UK use various on page SEO methods to optimise the website for search engine result pages (SERPs). This is because Google considers many factors when measuring the performance of on page SEO.

Our SaaS SEO experts make various adjustments to on page SEO to improve the user experience. Doing so encourages more user engagement on the website, increasing lead generation and lead conversion. Google will notice these changes too, helping to increase ranking on the search engine.

Various methods are used to improve on page SEO, such as adjusting meta descriptions, title tags, images, links etc. Quality, engaging content is also a key component of on page SEO for SaaS. We develop and integrate the best quality content that offers value to customers.

Technical SEO Support

Technical SEO looks at things behind the scenes of the website. It involves making technical adjustments that allow Google to process website data more efficiently, one of many factors that improve ranking.

There are many aspects of technical SEO that can be improved on a website. During our audit we determine what technical components of the website could be improved, making appropriate changes where needed.

Common technical SEO methods include making changes to improve website speed, mobile responsiveness, and structured data.

Link Building (Off Page SEO)

Link building is an important off page SaaS SEO strategy that further improves website ranking. The process involves obtaining back links from other websites to your own. This helps to establish website authority, another factor that Google considers when measuring SEO performance.

For SaaS SEO, we obtain links from high authority websites within the SaaS niche. The more links obtained, the more optimised the site becomes, so we gain the best links from leading websites and publications within the SaaS industry.

Gaining back links is not always easy for a SaaS business. We use our network of writers, content creators, and SaaS consultant experts to get the best links to your site.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

Our SaaS SEO Process

Finding the best SaaS SEO company in London is not always easy. There are many SaaS SEO agencies in the UK, yet not all of them guarantee the best results for your organisation.

Therefore, it is important to choose a SaaS SEO expert that can meet the unique goals of your SaaS business. Doing so ensures that you gain the best service possible that is relevant to your company goals.

As an established SaaS SEO company in London, we have the experience and knowledge to provide bespoke SEO solutions. Through our service, expect higher search engine ranking that helps generate more traffic, leads, and potential conversions.

Our SaaS SEO is perfect for tech companies that want to increase their website visibility for continued MRR growth. Here’s how we do it:


The first step to any SaaS SEO strategy is research. We research your business, target audience, and SaaS niche to gain a clear insight into your business goals and potential obstacles.

A technical SEO audit provides us with extensive data on site performance and other marketing methods in use.

From here, we’ll conduct keyword research and gap analysis. This tells us what the competition is doing right, the habits of target consumers, and identifying SaaS SEO opportunities.

Website Optimisation

We understand that the needs and budgets of each SaaS business is unique. So, we offer a few options for implementing any SEO strategies we develop from our research.

For instance, we are happy to work alongside current marketing teams to develop and implement effective SaaS SEO strategies. Conversely, we can do all the work internally, creating all SEO content with our own creators, editors, and SaaS SEO consultant experts.


Reporting is an essential component of SaaS SEO. Without reporting, there’s no way to determine the effectiveness of website optimisation, so we offer monthly reporting to measure results.

We use industry leading tools to report monthly SaaS SEO performance, including setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and site conversion tracking. We can also assist with future strategies based on monthly reporting.

200+ Reviews

Reviews of our SEO Services

Don’t just take our word for it. See some reviews of our SEO services below:

Web Choice have been absolutely brilliant. We are Acufire UK an Engineering Consultancy, specialising in Compliance Services. We have been using Web Choice since January, and have been highly satisfied with their services since Day 1.

- Danielle Oakley

Manager at AcuFire UK

Fantastic to work with Sam and his team, we had some serious issues with our last website providers. As a company who depend on Google PPC and the SEO performing well we really needed the best. I spoke with Sam and immediately knew he was professional and could help us out.

- Jacob Mummery

Manager at TreeSOS

Sam and the team have taken care of our website design, complex portal to link in with our management software and marketing management. Sam and the team are reliable, responsive and I would have no doubt in recommending them either for website design, SEO or Adwords management.

- Shane Jeavons

Sales Director @ Jeavons

We have used Web Choice for 2 websites now and also our marketing/SEO for our hosting company. They were able to take our idea's and get it exactly how we envisioned it & get us results.

- Mark Grindey

Director at UKBSS GROUP

Web Choice have been absolutely brilliant. We are Acufire UK an Engineering Consultancy, specialising in Compliance Services. We have been using Web Choice since January, and have been highly satisfied with their services since Day 1.

- Danielle Oakley

Manager at AcuFire UK

Fantastic to work with Sam and his team, we had some serious issues with our last website providers. As a company who depend on Google PPC and the SEO performing well we really needed the best. I spoke with Sam and immediately knew he was professional and could help us out.

- Jacob Mummery

Manager at TreeSOS




What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is when you improve various components of a website to improve ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that when people search for terms related to the business, the website ranks high on Google and other search engines.

In the case of SaaS SEO, this is the process of optimising websites of businesses selling software as a service (SaaS). This includes adding keywords that are relevant to specific SaaS products that your target customers search for online.

How Does SaaS SEO Work?

SaaS SEO involves using various methods to improve website ranking for SaaS businesses. Many strategies can be used when optimising SaaS websites, with bespoke solutions developed around the needs of each business.

For example, most SaaS SEO involves content creation, improving user experience, and adjusting technical components of a website. These methods help Google and other search engines best understand what your SaaS business offers.

By understanding your business, Google will rank it much higher on its search engine, making it easier for target customers to find the products and services they need. The higher a SaaS website ranks on the Google, the more leads, and potential conversions it gains.

What SaaS SEO Methods Do You Use?

We use various SaaS SEO methods to improve website visibility on search engines. What we use depends on things like the current ranking of the SaaS website, organisational goals, SEO budget etc.

Page SEO: We implement various on page improvements to the SaaS website to create a better user experience. This includes creating engaging content and adjusting keywords, heading tags, internal links, and meta descriptions to improve ranking.

Building: Known as off page SEO, link building is the process of getting other SaaS websites to link to your own. This tells Google that your website is an authority in the SaaS niche, improving ranking as a result.

SEO: This SEO method involves improving the components behind a website. Things like improving website loading speeds, keywording mapping, and adjusting code make it easier for Google to process site data. The quicker Google process your website date, the higher it ranks on the search engine.

Local SEO: Local SEO is all about helping local customers find your SaaS products on search engines. Simple ways to improve local SEO include completing a Google Business listing, along with consistent listings across multiple online directories.

Can I Do My Own SaaS SEO?

Yes, any SaaS business is free to use the many SEO methods to improve website ranking on search engines. Many of the best SEO tools are widely available, meaning almost anyone can try their hand at SaaS SEO.

However, the difference between doing the SEO yourself and hiring a SaaS SEO expert is night and day. When hiring a professional, you’re gaining the insight and knowledge of SEO experts experienced in the SaaS sector.

Simply put, the better the SEO, the more successful a SaaS business will be.

What is a SaaS SEO Expert?

A SaaS SEO expert is a digital marketing professional with several years’ experience in the SaaS SEO niche. They have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique SEO requirements for businesses within the SaaS sector.

As a leading SaaS SEO company in London, our team consists of several SaaS SEO experts with a wealth of industry experience. They know exactly what it takes to improve SEO of any SaaS website, helping to increase visibility that draws in traffic and generates more leads.

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