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Does this sound familiar to you? - You’re on your lunch break at work, you pickup your phone to find something and turn to Google. Maybe you’re looking for a new washing machine, a new sofa, or a weekend break in the Cotswolds…

This is the point where you begin to feel a headache coming on, many of the sites you visit look clunky and difficult to read on your phone, others take ages to load and don’t scroll properly - worse still, some of the functions don’t work at all and so you give up in frustration!

This is the experience of thousands of customers trying to find products, services and information that have a very poor user experience because the sites they visit have been built very poorly.

So how do you go about ensuring a first class web experience? - You develop a website that gives users exactly what they want, along with full functionality, whatever device they are on.

Indisputably, we all now live in the mobile age, and the chances are that the next person that searches for you and visits you site, will be doing so from a mobile phone. Indeed, countless millions of consumers use their smartphones and tablets to access the internet every day, and it's not difficult to see why - smartphones are just so convenient and easy to pick up and use, wherever you happen to be.

The first step you can take to make sure you stay ahead of your competition is to make your website mobile-friendly, and this may involve a complete overhaul. Responsive Web Design is what you need, so let’s look at what that means and how it can help you and your business.


For a smooth, rewarding mobile experience, you need Responsive Web Design.

As we’ve established, unintuitive navigation, fonts that don’t display correctly, missing calls to action, and seemingly endless page loading times can be incredibly frustrating when using your smartphone to browse the web. What’s the first thing you do when you get annoyed with a site?, you visit a competitor’s site instead! Now think about it, this could be happening on your site right now, you could have customers dropping-off and going elsewhere, all because the experience you provide isn’t up to scratch.

If you’re missing out on potential sales because of a poorly designed website then you need to take action. Whether we like it or not, the smartphone is now the browsing platform of choice and an increasing number of your customers will access your website from their phone - Smartphones and tablet users can no longer be given a second class experience.

The first step you can take to fix this issue, and one you can take right now - is to reach out to an experienced responsive web design company that’ll be able to create a 100% mobile-friendly website for you, thereby helping to keep your business one step ahead of the competition - And that’s Web Choice!

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What exactly is a fully responsive website?

A responsive website is one that dynamically adjusts to a specific device, usually without the user knowing that it has done so, thereby providing the very best user experience in terms of design, usability, speed and content.

What does the word 'responsive' mean in relation to web design?

The term 'responsiveness' is the ability to adapt to given input. In terms of web design, this means displaying a webpage on any device without compromising the way it looks - a responsive site is fast-loading and smooth to use, whatever the size of the screen being used to access it. With a responsive design your website has the flexibility to change layout, adapting to perfectly fit any given screen.

How do I make my website fully responsive?

If possible it’s best to build a website from the ground up. To be responsive your website needs to have integrated browser and device detection, with a device capabilities database that can determine if specific HTML and / or CSS features are supported. Web Choice has a team of technical experts who know what it takes to create the very best websites that feature a responsive design. At every stage throughout design and development we test and evolve, creating bespoke designs that work perfectly on all devices with a specific focus on UI and UX design.

Why is responsive web design so important?

Right now we are in the age of the mobile and the tablet. Far more users now choose to use their mobile devices to conduct Google searches for their content, products and services. It’s important to understand that any website that offers a poor browsing experience is looked at unfavourably by Google. Today, Google looks for responsive sites, ranking them higher as reward. Responsive web design gives you a considerable edge over your competitors so that you enjoy increased traffic and conversion rates. By offering a better experience, you can even draw potential new customers away from your competitors!

The key benefits of responsive web design

  • A premium user experience as well as full functionality. This can lead to increased site traffic and conversions
  • Higher Google rankings!
  • Mobile friendliness (more than half of all internet traffic is now comprisdown to mobile users!)
  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO)

What is the difference between responsive and adaptive web design?

Responsive web design

  • A responsive design only has one iteration which seamlessly adjusts to fit a device's screen
  • The layout dynamically adapts to a browser window
  • Responsive web design relies on flexible, fluid grids

Adaptive web design

  • Features multiple fixed layouts that adjust to device-specific screen sizes
  • Has a layout that is resolved in the back-end, not by the user or their browser
  • Adaptive web design depends on predetermined screen sizes

What is a responsive user interface?

A responsive user interface is a combination of technological and design principles that are combined to make a website function in such a way that it adjusts perfectly to any computer, mobile, tablet, or screen size. A responsive user interface is one that offers full functionality without compromise. Essentially it’ll appear as if that specific webpage was created for your exact device, whatever its resolution or aspect ratio.

Examples of responsive web design

Here at Web Choice, we are committed to designing and building beautiful websites that perform. Our sites look great on any device, and the search engines rank them more favourably as a result.

With a focus on UI & UX our high-quality responsive web designs will help to deliver the growth your business is looking for. Please take a look of some responsive websites we’ve built for our clients:

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