What is Drupal?

Drupal is a highly popular open-source content management platform. Drupal has over 1 million websites running it, and many big businesses have migrated away from WordPress or Joomla in recent years.
Did you know that the White House utilizes Drupal, for example? Or how about Virgin? Drupal is a popular choice for a variety of reasons, three of which we'll discuss in more depth below...

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Why Drupal?

1) Security

Drupal's creators placed a strong emphasis on security from the start, and this has been methodically maintained since then by all of Drupal's specialists, as well as those who continue to work on the CMS. This is as safe as it gets for an Open Source system.

2) Scalability

Some companies need to modify and enhance their website as they develop, therefore they require scalability. The Drupal system is made up of two parts: the Core and the Modules.

  • You may expand from the Core by utilizing Modules, which implies you have limitless scaling potential.
  • There are a plethora of pre-existing Modules that may be added to Drupal, and many great Drupal developers will be able to develop their own modules for your site requirements.

3) Performance

Drupal works on the principle of "Geared towards user experience". The performance of the website is very important, so they have taken care of this by using technologies like HTML5/CSS3, jQuery UI which assist in giving your site a professional look, its responsive layout means that it'll work on any device.

Drupal is also the first Open Source CMS that has native integration of Varnish Cache (known as Drupal 8 Accelerated by Varnish). This will enhance the performance to another level which supports thousands of page views per second.

4) Flexibility

As a CMS, it has a lot of flexibility which means you have the ability to create custom content types and fields. A customizable framework enables you to configure Drupal exactly how you want it to work for your individual needs as well as those of the customers who use the site. You'll also be able to choose from a variety of different presentation themes.

Why Drupal is our best choice in CMS?

There are tons of pre-existing modules for you to utilize which further enhances the flexibility of Drupal. The creators have made it painless to develop new features through what is called "the hook system". This consists of creating your own code that may then be used on any Drupal website based on a particular function or feature that you need. You may also utilise Drupal as a framework - another unique selling point of this CMS.

With all of the above-mentioned benefits, you can see why so many big brands have chosen to go with Drupal. It's a perfect choice for those who wish to have a unique website or provide custom features and flexibility. It will help your website function well, look good, and it's easy to maintain. Drupal is only getting better with time as more developers are joining the community, therefore stay tuned for additional modules & updates that will further enhance the CMS' power.

As you can see - Drupal can be a very good choice of CMS and we would be pleased to design, develop and build you a beautifully crafted website in this platform should you decide to go for it.

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