How to draw up an effective Content Strategy Plan for your Website

May 30, 2024
Daniel Burt
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Unfortunately, it's not enough, simply to build a website in the hope that it keeps attracting and retaining visitors. To ensure continued performance. You need to plan a content strategy that includes high-quality, high-value content that drives visitors and converts them. In this blog, we outline how to design a strategy, plan and answer some of the most common questions associated with content strategies.

Defining (& locating) your ideal customer

As with many activities associated with websites, you need to know who to aim your content towards. You need to define the types of things they're interested in and where they typically can be found. Demographics to hone in on should include disposable income, gender, age, ranges, and associated interests.

Laying out your content goals

Before you plan, and indeed create your content, you should have a clearly defined goal in mind. Is the aim of content to increase profit margin Drive new customers to your site or is it to establish your site as a repository for high value content and information that keeps users returning time and time again. You should also intersperse content with ‘call to actions’ that encourage users to take the next step, and testimonials which boost credibility.

Review your current content

If you already have content on your site, be sure to review it. There are tools that you can use to check the performance of your pages and evaluate if content is being engaged with. If you've got pages that are underperforming, then you should re-purpose that content, or replace it entirely. It can help here to research what your ideal customers are searching for along with any pain points they wish to address, before targeting new content that addresses them.

Your content plan

Your content plan itself should include a detailed road map, which allocated content creators and deadlines. Remember to get creative with your content and try featured articles, videos, blog posts, social media posts, etc, and try to draw in audiences with interactive media.

You can use the same analytics tools that you did in the research phase to measure the performance of content, adapting and evolving your content and strategy accordingly as you go.

Content FAQs

How do I know who to target content for?

To define your target audience, conduct detailed customer surveys, use specialist analytics tools, and gather data from social media. 

What content should I be creating?

Content contains a huge number of different forms, including articles and blogs, videos and even podcasts. Find out what form of media your target customer prefers and align your strategy with that. 

How often should I create new content for my website?

If you can try to update your site with new content at least every week or two, even if it's just small updates and tweaks to existing content. 

Which tools can I use to help measure the effectiveness of my content strategy?

Google Analytics is really good at monitoring and assessing web traffic and engagement. There is also SEMrush and HubSpot which can be valuable for SEO.

How can I improve content engagement?

There is no quick fix here unfortunately, it's all about spending time creating high-value high-quality content that is targeted to address the needs and concerns of your target audience. Introduce the CTAs that encourage users to click for further info. 

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