No magic formula can get you to the top of Google’s page rankings, but there is a recipe for success!

Jan 22, 2024
Daniel Burt

In this piece we are going to debunk the myth that it’s possible to create a ‘perfect webpage’ that will always be given a prominent place in the search engine results by Google. And whilst there is no one-size-fits all formula that guarantees a high ranking, there certainly are good practices and approaches to building web pages and creating content, that will ensure your site is well reviewed by the search engines… read on to find out what these are!

Let’s get the first myth out of the way: anybody who claims to know Google’s algorithm is either deluded or lying to you. Google themselves put out press releases that update us on new criteria they may have chosen to review sites by or communicate a shift in one aspect of SEO over another, but nobody outside of Google actually knows every metric that they use or the precise equation they use to determine how well a site ranks in the search results.

Creating content that ranks well

If there is one bite-sized takeaway to remember about creating content that ranks highly, it is to focus on the value of the content you are providing. If you can create content that resonates with and is genuinely valuable to your target audience, then you win twice! Firstly, you’ll be giving your target audience a reason to choose you over your competitors and giving them a reason to return to you because they like what you have to offer. High-value content is what Google is looking for, so by giving the audience what they actually want, your content is helping to boost your search ranking too… That’s a win-win in anyone’s book!

SEO vs the user experience

You’ll be aware that common SEO practices include the use of highly targeted keywords, optimised tags on web pages, and cleverly descriptive URLs. The trouble is, many of these practices can degrade the quality of content you are creating. Keyword-stuffing, for example, is very easy to spot, and once you’ve noticed it, you may ask yourself: Was this web content created to give me information, or was it built to appease the search engine Gods!?

The key to writing good content is to keep it natural and real. Make the content sound like it is written by a human for another human. Try coming at it with the objective of trying to help someone solve a pain point. With the use of AI to create content becoming more prevalent, the more natural your tone and the more distinguished your content, the further you distance it from a hellscape populated by self-replicating AI-generated text!

Get results whatever your budget

If you have a limited budget, Web Choice will help you get the maximum results from the budget you do have. With websites starting as low as £500 (+ VAT) they can confidently deliver a website for you, whatever size of business you have.

Web Choice has been creating high-quality web sites for over a decade, and they very closely follow what’s happening in the industry as well as wider general trends. If there is something on the horizon that will impact digital channels, then you can rest assured that Web Choice will be well informed about it. In this instance, with the changes happening to Google Business Profile, they’ll help to make sure that customers transition to a new website well in advance of the switch-off on June 10th this year.

Keep going; you're doing good!

With your carefully crafted text aimed at solving your target customer’s pain points, you are well on your way to adding real value to your website. There are a few things you can do to help get it noticed. Firstly, remember that social media is your friend (no, really!). Share snippets of information, create intrigue, and draw visitors to your site. Keep your content flowing; don’t go silent for weeks in the hope that your audience has just been patiently waiting for you.

And remember, with good quality content, you really can have your cake and eat it too!

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