5 Most NEGLECTED B2B Website Pages



After working on 310+ websites over the last 11 years

These are the 5 most NEGLECTED pages I see on B2B websites…

Comparison pages

Also known as alternative or vs pages.

Great for SEO and attracting prospects searching for alternatives to your main competitors.

e.g. in the proposal tool game this might be 'pandadoc alternatives' or 'proposify alternatives'

Now's not the time to abuse your competitors (and get a legal case on your hands).

Share factual points about your key competitors

And your real points of differentiation prospects and buyers really care about - that position you as the choice in the market.

Solid SEO and Google ads pages for high-intent prospects looking for other options.

Keep to the facts and have clear CTAs to take a demo/consult.

These pages are often in a listicle format.


It baffles me that companies still put up an email gate to see pricing.

I've interviewed 340+ b2b execs on my podcast.

They wanna see pricing.

If you can't share core package numbers because you offer a custom service, then shares some starting rates.

Pricing pages are killer to: qualify visitors, back up claims with testimonial videos + reviews, handle common objections in copy and send solid leads to sales.

Demo/request a consult page.

A few ideas I've seen work here:

  • Hide menu nav so focus is on the form.
  • Use a booking calendar above fold to send prospects straight to AE/specialist for call.
  • A video next to form and some bullet points explaining what happens on discovery/demo call and what's in it for them.
  • Some testimonials w/ images and results under form/calendar booking.
  • Common FAQs around the call, pricing, process and results under the booking form.

Resources section

Doesn't matter what you call it: (learn, resource hub etc).

OK. This is not one but a tonne of pages and sub pages:

  • Blog articles
  • Podcasts
  • Guides
  • more

This is solid top of funnel content for SEO to educate/entertain prospects and get them into your eco-system.

Building out media/pages/content to tackle those early stage questions and problems your customers often raise.

People might not be ready to buy now - but you can guide them to your:

  • Newsletter
  • Lead magnet
  • Guides
  • Podcast/youtube

and retarget them w/ relevant ads.

So when they do need your offer, you are top of mind.

About page

This page is often overlooked and typically gets a decent amount of traffic.

It ain't the time to brag about how great your org is or how long you've been in biz.

I recommend sharing a snapshot of the founder story and your why.

The key problems you fix.

Some key team members.

Link out to some useful resource pages.

And a CTA (call to action) to view pricing/book call/view results.

Final Thoughts

Your B2B website should be built to attract, engage, educate, build trust with, qualify and convert ideal prospects into solid leads for your sales team.

Or to attract candidates you want to hire for your org.

The best B2B websites put their prospects' interest first (how you fix their problems / pricing / proof of results / process / answers to questions / clear next steps etc).

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