Embracing the benefits of AI for Web & SEO

September 22, 2023
Daniel Burt

Embracing the benefits of AI for Web & SEO

Artificial intelligence has featured heavily in the news cycle this year, and much of the coverage has been weighted towards pessimistic predictions, with even some startlingly vivid doomsday scenarios being painted for us. The truth is we don’t know what the far future has in store for us, anymore so now than we did before the notion of AI even existed. What we can see through, is that it has a very real potential to be utterly transformative, and that that world is not very far away from us at all…

At Web Choice, our web design and development teams are incredibly enthusiastic about the power of machine learning and are already working with it to design and develop powerful platforms and applications, which only a few short years ago, would have been virtually inconceivable. We’d like to talk you through one of our latest projects and give you an idea of what has now been made possible thanks to AI.

Even Arena - NetZero

Even Arena’s mission is to help businesses work towards the target of net zero carbon emissions. One obstacle they are acutely aware of is that, contrary to the growing awareness of carbon emissions and the impact they have on our environment, a great many businesses are not able to monitor and accurately track their carbon emissions, let alone find the most effective methods in which to reduce them. The solution - Web Choice worked with Even Arena to develop a fully integrated AI-Carbon tracking platform for retail businesses, major ports, and SMEs. AI has allowed for real time data capturing and measurement, which empowers businesses to closely monitor their activities, and keep a close eye on their carbon emissions.

The real magic begins to happen when, through the power of machine learning, the solution is integrated into an existing system. There’s virtually no lead-in time with Even Arena’s NetZero platform, which means carbon reporting can begin almost instantaneously. Data is then collected and submitted thanks to AI-driven automation, and the subsequently generated reports can be assessed to determine if actions need to be taken, and if so, which actions will be the most effective for that specific enterprise.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to reduce operational costs and conserve resources. Artificial intelligence is incredibly good at increasing efficiency, which means less outgoings, less pollution, and greater profitability. AI-Algorithms can disseminate patterns of behaviour, and determine emission hotspots which might otherwise take an analytics team a fortnight to unpick.

The completed application is now ready to roll-out, and not a moment too soon as we hurtle ever closer towards the deadlines for our UK climate pledges. With a customer-focussed management system on the back-end that’s quick and easy to access, the portal that Web Choice have developed with the help of AI is very simple to use and the presented data can be easily understood.

So there you have it, a tangible way in which AI is helping us, and even the planet! - With AI the future is truly upon us, but fear not, for that future is one in which artificial intelligence actually helps us to overcome our greatest challenges!

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