B2B SEO: 5 Easy And Powerful Ways To Rank #1 On Google



1. Hit search intent

Knowing the exact goal of your prospect in their search.

Are they in:


 - wanting to learn something

 - seeking answers

 - wanting to fix a problem

 - wanting to know pricing or processes

 - comparing options

 - ready to talk sales


Review the top 3 organic results and this should inform you whether to build out an article/listicle/comparison page/solution page etc.

2. Scrape the sky

Ye olde skyscraper technique.

Yes it still works. I've ranked a tonne of competitive terms without links.

Review your top ranking competitors for your focus keywords.

Then look at every angle you can provide better insights, thoughts, stats, tips and more.

3. E-E-A-T them rankings

Experience. Expertise. Authority. Trust.

Foundational for your page flow.

Craft service, product or article pages for buyers.

This means you gotta know ideal clients cares, problems, jobs to be done, objections and goals.

For example on a detailed service/solution page we tend to go:

 - Overview of the offering

 - Common problems it fixes

 - Why you need it

 - Processes + video guide

 - How to's

 - Examples/case studies

 - Pricing

 - FAQs

Weaving in relevant social proof (testimonials, videos, reviews) throughout

And descriptive CTAs for visitors to take the next step.

4. Video killed the radio star

Grab 2 spots on Google's results page using video.

A sneaky way to get top for competitive keywords.

Make an in-depth YouTube video for the target search term.

And embed the tailored video near the top of your article/page.

These pages often rank better.

AND can show the video thumbnail on search results pages - upping click through rates.


While waiting for the page to rank

Your video can rank in the video section

And eventually both normal organic and video sections.

This big. I've done it on a bunch of pages.

5. Website > sales rep

In B2B the best websites makes sales life easy.

Sharing exactly how they help, problems they fix, showing the product/offer in action, proof of client results, overcoming objections, qualifying w/ pricing and processes, addressing Qs...

Then making it easy to book a call or demo.

Keep your focus buyers in mind for your content.

And win the SEO game.

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