Is there a quick and easy hack to increase your website’s conversion rate?

May 30, 2024
Daniel Burt
Web Development Company UK - Web Choice

Conversion rate is an important metric for keeping track and measuring the success of your website. We've put together this helpful blog in an effort to help you, cost-effectively and quickly, increase the conversion rate of your website.

What experience does your website currently offer?

You first need to ask the honest question about how easy and intuitive your current site is to use. Compare your site to that of your closest competitors and analyse user data with a digital tool, such as Google Analytics to see where friction points are, and where users are disengaging with your content.

Remember to implement CTAs

Call to action buttons are hugely powerful tools that can encourage users to take the action you want them to. Are your current CTAs working for you? Do they stand out enough and are they clear in their messaging?

Be persuasive

The use of social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials will massively boost your reputation, credibility and trustworthiness. Dot these around your site, next to your products and services to demonstrate you can be trusted and that your site is safe to purchase from.

Make it easy to take action

Whenever possible, remove the number of steps that a customer has to take to make a purchase. Don't require mandatory signup before anyone can even check out, include that as part of the purchasing process or allow users to shop as a guest. In short, remove any barriers you have in place.

Offer a tailored experience

Tools such as Adobe Target exist that give you the power to offer a personal experience. These tools draw on user data from browsing history and personal info. Personalisation is a powerful tool for increasing engagement. 

Conversion Rate FAQs

Q) Describe what A/B testing is and tell me how to implement it?

A/B testing refers to the practice of comparing two versions of something (for example a webpage, or CTA), and then comparing the performance of the two different options. A/B testing gives you the ability to make decisions about your site that are based on real data, rather than insight alone, which can be notoriously inaccurate. 

Q) How can I use customer testimonials to boost conversion rates?

You can prominently display social feedback on the areas of your site where you want to use it to take an action. Feedback builds trust and reassures your customers that you are legitimate.

Q) How can I improve my checkout processes?

Best practices include reducing hurdles, designing clear and concise forms, displaying secure credentials, allowing save features and generally making it quick and simple for someone to make a purchase.

Q) What impact can personalisation have on conversion rates?

Personalisation can provide a better quality of user experience to your customers by making them feel valued and understood. This in turn can lead to increased revenue and better retention rates.

Q) Does webpage loading speed have an impact on conversion rate?

Yes it does. Page loading speed massively impacts the quality of user experience you are offering. Quicker, loading pages lead to higher conversion rates and will even help new customers find you because the search engines prefer faster loading webpages.

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