Why Is My Marketing Not Working? (And How To Fix It)


May 12, 2023
Sam Dunning

Wanna know the top reason I’ve seen that marketers and founders fall short on?

After interviewing 300+ marketing leaders on my podcast: Business Growth Show And running 100s of SEO and website marketing strategies for companies

Here’s my point of view on why so much marketing and outreach falls flat.

Marketers, founders or sellers don't actually know the real problems their offer fixes.

Meaning the marketing output falls flat.

And the message doesn’t resonate with target buyers.

Marketing 101.

Knowing the top 3 (minimum) juicy problems you fix for target prospects.

The impact they have on their business.

And the root cause.

Why is this so important?

Well, people move from pain faster than towards pleasure.

If you can nail the bleeding neck problems your prospects face that your offer fixes...

This is gonna be gold dust for your:

  • Website messaging
  • Ads copy
  • Sales outreach
  • Video content
  • SEO articles
  • More

If you don't know the problems you fix:

Start talking to your best existing clients to know what they struggle with and listen to common frustrations raised on sales calls.

Start with 5 (or more if you can) of your best current clients AKA ones you like to work with and drive good revenue for the business.

Ask them questions like:

  • What was the main problem you came to us to fix?
  • What was the tipping point that made you want to finally address it?
  • What impact was it having on your business?
  • What do you think started the problem in the first place?
  • How did we help you overcome the issue?
  • How has your business changed since working with us?

Then take the most common responses and you can leverage them for your b2b marketing playbook, content, messaging, outreach and media.

Plus, if you record these interviews they are super useful for customer video testimonials for your website, ads and for socials. Huge social proof to build trust with future prospects.

Here’s how to put this into play for your company.

Create a chart with 3 columns:


Terrible chart drawing inspo thanks to Keenan and GAP Selling (a must read for marketers and sellers).

Then add at least 3 rows to add 3 answers for each.

An example for us…

Problem: Competitors higher on Google?

Impact: Missing out on high intent inbound leads? Competitors stealing clients?

Root cause: Neglecting SEO for your website

As you can see, this is a pretty nice hook for a piece of marketing content, headline, start of a video or an ad.

Then you can go into how your offer fixes the problem, benefits and relevant features

And putting your marketing content/media/ads on the channels your ideal clients use and hang out on.

Give it a try for your next piece of marketing content.

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