Top 10 SaaS Marketing Mistakes (and how to fix them)



Top 10 SaaS Marketing Mistakes

After working with a bunch of SaaS and B2B companies over the last 13 years and interviewing 300 + b2b and saas marketers/founders…

These are the top mistakes I see and how to fix them - they can also apply to B2B marketing in general. Let’s jump in!

No dream client profile

A clear ideal client profile is key

  • Industry
  • Size of org
  • Job titles you go after

Knowing key problems you fix

Pull from best current existing clients (who you service best, enjoy working with and drive great revenue)

P*ss poor website (foundational)

not having a solid website clearly sharing how they help/problems fixed, key solutions and industries served, pricing, lacking solid social proof and results.

Meaning it won’t qualify and convert prospects into a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

Outbound crazy

over investing in outbound sales reps.

Listening to the demand marketing influencers on LinkedIn

trying to build new demand to cold audiences (expensive) before fully capturing prospects searching for their solution now w/ paid review sites / google ads / SEO

Lacking a content engine

waiting too long to start a podcast to fuel content marketing strategy, thought leadership and use as an ABM play.

Tunnel vision

Thinking they have to focus on only one of product led / sales led or marketing led for growth

No brainer

Waiting to long to build partnerships with complimentary companies to drive free inbound opps and setting up referral programs.

Neglecting existing customers

Focusing too much on new customers and not supporting existing customer base to drive up-sells and referrals

Relying on one-channel

E.g. referrals/outbound/word of mouth/paid ads - having a ranking of channels both rented (social) and owned (video / website / SEO content / email list etc) reduces risk if one channel takes a hit and ensures you have a several lines in the water infront of target prospects to drive inbound signups, demos + leads

Unclear messaging

Too much jargon e.g. homepage headlines / ad headlines like: ‘360 degree all in one tool to supercharge your enterprise’

The saying “you confuse, you lose” is very apt here.

Clarity is king for messaging.

Get crystal clear on the bleeding neck problems you fix (that focus buyers care about) and how you improve their business / lives. Starting with one liner of your offer is better than confusing potential leads with jargon (making them bounce to a competitor).


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