How to cultivate evergreen content that keeps them coming back for more!

Feb 02, 2024
Daniel Burt
Web Development Company UK - Web Choice

Evergreen content’ refers to media that remains relative, informative, and/or entertaining. Evergreen content transcends trends and will continue to draw an audience on an ongoing basis.

Evergreen Content and Keywords

If you plan on creating evergreen content to share with your audience (and we recommend that you do!), the very best place to start is to draw up a list of keywords that you want to reference. Comprehensive keyword research will help you find relevant keywords for your niche and your audience, and you can use clever tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to gain valuable insights.

When creating your content and inputting your chosen keywords, also try to identify common queries and pain points for your audience. These will help draw your audience, as it’s likely they’ll find you by inputting a specific query into a search engine.

High-quality content

When it comes to content marketing, your focus should always be on quality. Evergreen content requires thorough research; you need to know what you are writing about and be a voice of authority. Any solutions offered should be practical, easy-to-follow, and concise. In short, your content must be valuable and rank well, yet it must also be engaging for the reader at the same time.

Storytelling is a tried-and-tested means of connecting with an audience. Using narrative can hugely enhance your content as it draws in and engages, encouraging your audience to return for more.

Nothing beats a compelling story, and the most interesting stories are those that draw on real-life experiences. By referencing real-life situations and personal experiences, you are also helping to establish your brand or website as a voice of authority.

Updating Evergreen SEO Content

‘How-to’ guides are great candidates for evergreen content. They offer a concise, detailed, and easy-to-follow path to success on a given subject. Be sure to regularly review your evergreen content and update it if necessary. This is particularly important if your guide covers some form of technology. You can relabel your content so that users know that it is up-to-date, and even contrast it with older content to highlight areas of chance that can be of value to your audience.

Here, you may also find it useful to address the most up-to-date issues that your audience is dealing with. The current economic climate, job market, or social issues can all be weaved into your content.

Build it, and they will come (plus, be consistent).

If you can build a repository for your high-value evergreen content, then your audience will know where to go to find it all in one convenient location on your website. Doing this will also have a positive effect on your SEO.

Keep at it too, continuously adding valuable, high-quality value content that boosts your SEO efforts and keeps your audience coming back time and time again!

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