5 Ways To Clearly Explain Your Value Proposition on Your Website.

October 01, 2021
Tom Maynard
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We can all have a hard time explaining what we do in one sentence - brevity isn’t always easy.

However, learning how to concisely summarise your value proposition is very important if you want potential customers to take the next step and explore more of your website.

Here are 5 ways to approach this challenge.

1. Look at your Customer's Problem

We are not talking about the problem we aim to solve; Here, we are talking about what they see as a problem and how it affects their lives. The first thing to do is keep everything focused on your customer, and not your company or product - this means you must know your customer before you jump into content writing.

2. Use your Customer's Language

This is all about you knowing your customer, but it's also about how they speak. If you're not sure what language to use, then do some studying in the country or region that you're marketing to. You can bet that there are phrases and words that are used for certain emotions in these markets - find them, learn them and execute them in your content.

3. Use Emotions to Fuel Your Point

People don't buy products simply on logic; they buy heavily based on emotions too. Not only do you need to know what your customer's problem is, but also why it is important to them emotionally. This isn't about the product or service that you're offering - it's about how much better their life will be after a purchase.

4. Brand Yourself as the Answer

You're not selling a product or service; you're selling YOURSELF! You are providing an answer to your customer's problems, and they should feel that this is what YOU do at your company. Every posting, comment, and social media update - if you want people to take the next step, you need them to know that YOU'RE the answer.

5. Tell a Story with Numbers

Go beyond just feelings and tell your customer how much money they'll save, how many hours their problem could be solved, and other similar figures that will get them to act now instead of later - when their problem could be even worse! - Numbers are hard to argue with, so use them to your advantage.

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