What is WordPress?

WordPress is by far and above the most popular of all Content Management Systems in the world. There are over 75 million websites that utilise the WordPress platform (which accounts for a huge percentage of total usage). The beauty of WordPress in web design is that it flexible and adaptable to suit every possible type of web development requirement. It also has really good SEO advantages over other solutions in that it is read well by the search engine algorithms.


Theme Installation

Installation of a WordPress theme or the creation of a totally bespoke theme, with a focus on usability.


Quality Plug-ins

WordPress has a huge amount of premium plug-ins, which we will install as part of our web development service.


Writing Content

Content is the king of the world wide web. Our skilled content writers will create content which gives you an SEO competitive edge.



We are known as a leading SEO AGENCY in LONDON and take concepts to successful launch.


WordPress Theme Customisation & Development

Web Choice UK can take any theme and customise it to your exact needs. This could be a new theme you have purchased and need developed, or if you’d like us to create a bespoke theme for you, that is no trouble at all. Any website design should have a focus on usability so that when a person opens it on their mobile phone it works seamlessly.  Our focus will always be on Conversion Rate Optimisation to assure you that a high percentage of the traffic that lands on your web page will become your lifelong client. With every design we create we look to make it beautiful, secure and usable to as wide an audience as possible. Talk to us today about how we can help you with your WordPress web design/s.

WordPress Web Design Services

Install Your Theme

We upload and develop WordPress themes - this can be an existing theme that you own or themes which our skilled team create for you.

SEO Agency

WordPress works well for SEO purposes - Being a leading SEO Agency in London, Web Choice UK help WordPress owners get the best positions for their targeted keywords.

Content Writing

Our experienced content writers focus on bringing out the best in your business. We have the added advantage of knowing what type of content works best for SEO purposes.

Security & Stability

WordPress needs to be developed correctly and updated regularly to keep away hacks and attacks. We focus on the security and stability of your website development so that you can sit back and carry on with your day job.

Specialist plug-ins

Once you have a website design, you will then need to update it regularly making sure it stays up-to-date. To do this you will need to implement multiple plug-ins.

Hosting & Web Maintenance

Our hosting services include moving your website design from one host to another, or maintaining your web development on your existing host. Just ask us if you need advice on hosting solutions.

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