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July 13, 2020
Sam Dunning
No.1 SEO Agency in London - Web Choice

"E commerce" - the term itself will not be alien to anyone living in the 21st century. If you trace the history of e-commerce, it originates to 1994 when the first e-commerce transaction was conducted. Since then e-commerce has grown globally by leaps and bounds. E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, ebay, Flipkart etc have massively penetrated the internet market and changed the entire concept of the retail industry. The percentage of people purchasing goods online in the UK is at an all-time high, with e-commerce revenue amounting to 688.4 billion GDP in 2018.

Boosting your website to rank at number 1!

June 03, 2020
SEO - Boost your website ranking -  Web Choice

We believe that good Web design delivers perfect functionality inside a beautiful package. We strive to marry innovative creativity, together with cutting-edge business performance. Creating impactful web design doesn’t happen accidentally, it takes expert skill and experience to deliver a truly top class website. It’s also not a quick process, sites evolve through various iterations, only ‘going live’ when they are right. Web design is much more than just appearance and functionality, SEO rankings and brand perception.

Ecommerce Website Development – What Are The Trends?

March 27, 2020
Sam Dunning
Latest Trends Ecommerce Website Development

As consumers become further immersed in the digital era and current events help to elevate online and mobile-based shopping to new heights, there can only be one prediction: ecommerce website development is sure to be in high demand. However, mastering the ecommerce game is not just about good web design, stocking up and launching your site. It’s a highly dynamic industry and you need to keep pace with evolving trends. These aren’t limited to AI or augmented reality, either.

SEO is Becoming More Accessible

February 14, 2020
Sam Dunning
SEO Services Agency UK - Web Choice

Traditional SEO is changing. As an experienced UK SEO company, we’ve identified the major trends – and we suspect that the coming no-code and low-code era will make the creation of websites and internal SEO systems much more accessible to the public. We’ll see elements of SEO automated and incorporated into content management tools. There’s a steady evolution that will ultimately make SEO less of a job or career; it will become more of a skill that is supported by a blend of UX, product development, marketing, content marketing, PR and front end development.

Agency of the Future

September 13, 2019
Tom Maynard
SEO Agency London - Web Choice

Search engine giant Google made it abundantly clear that it considers mobile-first as the default design approach of the future. After all, a record-breaking five billion mobile phone users aren’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. At Web Choice we believe it’s misguided to create for the desktop first - but responsive mobile design is rarely dynamic enough, either. Mobile first is the only sensible route in 2019.

Web Choice Named as CV Magazine’s Best Digital Agency of 2019

July 31, 2019
Sam Dunning
Web Choice Named as CV Magazine’s Best Digital Agency of 2019

CV Magazine’s Best Digital Agency of 2019 - Web ChoiceWeb Choice is proud to reveal that the group was named ‘Best Digital Media Agency’ for Somerset at Corporate Vision magazine’s inaugural Media Innovator Awards this year. The intention of the new award is to recognise and spotlight the very best that this ever-changing and competitive industry has to offer.

New corporate website design for Kenwood Cookers shows the power of SEO

June 26, 2019
Tom Maynard
Website Design + SEO Kenwood Cookers

Web Choice is happy to reveal a new corporate website we’ve been perfecting for our recent client Kenwood Cookers – a project that required not only straightforward design elements, but an advanced SEO strategy to increase the popular brand’s online visibility still further. Kenwood works with premium clients like Curry's, so they needed quality web development to fit their reputation. What’s remarkable about this story is that Kenwood’s Head of Marketing, Giacomo Scotton, actually found Web Choice online via a simple Google search for ‘Web Development Company in the UK.’

Reasons why every marketer should care about conversion rates

June 14, 2019
Tom Maynard
web design, web design company, web development london, Social Media Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is increasingly prioritised across digital marketing departments and agencies, simply because of its impact on a company’s bottom line. In fact, CRO could justifiably be regarded as the “magic bullet” of the modern online marketing world and has a similar stature to that of SEO just 10 years ago. Everyone is talking about it – and everybody wants to learn how to improve their rates. All of a sudden, every single agency out there boasts at least one CRO expert or specialist.

Web Choice presents the Mortgage Experts Online website

April 28, 2019
Sam Dunning
Web Design - Mortgage Experts Online - Web Choice

Simply maintaining a website isn’t a powerful business advantage anymore. A visitor now needs less than a second to decide if they like the design - and three seconds to decide if the rest of the site is worth exploring further. On top of that, the online world is changing - 2018 marked a new milestone in mobile web traffic, as more than two-thirds of the world’s population now owns a mobile - with most people using a smartphone. The number of unique mobile users worldwide is up by over 4% year-on-year. GlobalWebIndex reckons the average internet user spends six hours daily online.

PPC & SEO – What’s the difference?

March 11, 2019
Tom Maynard
SEO Services London

SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) serve the same purpose – driving online traffic towards your website. However, they are two very distinct approaches. In simplified terms, SEO is marketing and PPC is advertising. The traffic originating from SEO is organic and arrives free-of-charge to the website owner, if they carry out the work personally (the caveat is that it takes a lot of time and effort to attain SERP rankings and free traffic using SEO). By contrast, traffic from PPC is paid-for. Both practices are variations of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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