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Thoughts on ecommerce website development

October 14, 2019
Sam Dunning
Ecommerce Website Development - Web Choice

E-commerce website development is one of the most rapidly growing and lucrative industries of our time. Ecommerce connects buyers, sellers and end users regardless of their geographical location and represents a massive platform that extends total freedom to endorse your goods and services with very few limitations. Have you ever considered how the entire ecommerce website development life cycle works?

Top SEO eCommerce Mistakes You Must Avoid

November 14, 2016
Felix Michael
Top SEO eCommerce Mistakes You Must Avoid

Let me set the scene. You have successfully appointed a Web Development Company to design and develop your new eCommerce store, it looks great, works well and is all up and running.

Great news....however, in order to start gaining visitors and more importantly, sales, you will need to look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This, in short, is getting your website organically listed on page one of Google for the keywords your target customer will be searching for your type of business/products/services under.

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