Web Choice Discusses Web Development Trends for 2020/21

Web Choice Discusses Web Development Trends for 2020/21

London, 23rd October 2019 –London web development company Web Choice has welcomed current and prospective clients to an in-depth discussion of projected trends in web design for 2020 and 2021 - and to explore how they can be made to work effectively to help the bottom line of a business. There is a strong emphasis on the rapidadvancements in display technology for mobile devices that consumers use today to access web content. For website designing in London and elsewhere, we expect creatives to introduce more depth and vibrant colours and for gradients to make a comeback.In fact, there is a chance that dynamic gradients could take over in 2020.

With giants like Google and Apple continuing to put their weight behind flat design, it would be a mistake to write it off entirely. It has become clear in recent months that flat design can allow for the addition of deeper and more striking colours. We expect big and bold to be key words over the next few years. Supersaturation is another - not only do brilliant and deep colours provide a more immersive experience, but they also help to capture and maintain web users’ attention, which is more important than ever to online brands.To date, the typical London web development company has relied heavily on designs that default to safe shades and shadowing.

Web Choice notes that more mobile device screens are embracing In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which will enhance bold colours and help your designs to stand out more beautifully for customers or users of your website. Accompanying the more vivid colouring, we also expect an explosion in the use of animation. Although video nearly became ubiquitous in 2017, sluggish page load times made it difficult to sell. You just can’t afford to run the risk of slow web pages causing frustration and loss of readers and potential customers. Fortunately, motion graphics take less time to load, and this should really help to make a difference this time around.

We think mouse over effects, mobile animations and parallax scrolling will bring motion graphics back with a vengeance over the next couple of years. It’s also possible to integrate GIFs and custom illustrations to relate the story of your brand. With long experience of website designing in London, we’re very familiar with the mobile-first trend – and we reckon this will help to drive uptake of mobile animation further. Even businesses with a more serious image can add customised animation and illustrations to add some excitement to a buyer’s journey or sales funnel. Or even to keep the reader focused while the page loads!

Finally, London web development company Web Choice expects a slight shift away from grid-based design. For too long, now, overly well-organised and somewhat bland fields have been the regular state of play for professional website designing in London and around the world. From next year, we suspect that asymmetrical structures will capture hearts and minds and are likely to see a significant uptick. Personal websites have been swift to get on board with this trend, as broken-grid structures allow for a more unique and aggressively off-the-wall style. Asymmetric design doesn’t work that well with live content, though.

If you would like to know more about these projected trends in web design for 2020 and beyond – and in particular how they can be used to help your business stand out from rivals and secure more customers - please get in touch with Web Choice today. We’ll be happy to run through our ideas with you.

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