Upcoming Trends in Web Design for the Next Decade

Upcoming Trends in Web Design for the Next Decade

Yeovil, 20th February 2020 – London based SEO agency Web Choice has invited all interested parties to an in-depth conversation about the most likely upcoming long-term trends affecting web development and its usefulness in attracting new customers. We’ve already explored the latest approaches to responsive design and touched on a few recent design trends, but what about the big picture? Responsive design has definitely helped businesses to reach clients more effectively on different device types, but is the industry in danger of becoming too showy without enough substance?

Web Choice operates in an industry that is increasingly defined by the tension between functionality and flair, utility and originality. Away from presentation style, though, it’s important to recognise that responsive web design may not have fully completed its evolution yet. We reckon the early 2020s could see the rise of new foldable devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G, meaning that designers are compelled to innovate a more tailored experience for foldable phones and tablets. There is a chance these may even ‘go viral’ while the concept is in its infancy.

One technique we expect to become much more commonplace in future involves so-called ‘micro-interactions,’ which have already been fairly popular for yearson social media (a decent well-known example is the red heart throbbing when a post receives likes on Instagram). But as attention spans are under attack, micro-interactions look set to become smarter and more cleverly integrated until they eventually become part of every web user’s daily movements. After all, they are the ideal system to signpost, feedback and maintain trust, as well as displaying the personality of a brand.

Additionally, we’ve noticed a significant upswing recently in the use of portrait imagery in desktop experiences - a trend we expect to continue. More web users than ever before are browsing by phone, but this isn’t just about mobile-first designers who are reliant on portrait crops settling for the easy option in scaling up to desktop – and it’s not limited to the popular 4:5 ratio, either. Taller image crops on the desktop are simply more elegant. They can play a highly attractive part in well-considered designs, in carousel or card form.

Of course, there is much more to discuss when it comes to the looming design trends of the 2020s. Get in touch with Web Choice today if you’d like to hear our other ideas as to where the industry is going. Most importantly, we can discuss how these techniques are best applied to help you convert customers and boost your company’s bottom line.

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