The Evolution of Local SEO Services in 2020

The Evolution of Local SEO Services in 2020

London – 22nd November 2019 –London SEO agencyWeb Choice has invited prospective clients to an in-depth conversation about changing local SEO strategies for business as 2020 approaches.Today it’s thought that over 45% of all searches conducted on Google are local. In addition, the local so-called ‘Three-Pack’ can be expected to emerge right at the top of the rankings for over 90% of searches with local intent. These two statistics powerfully demonstrate the continued relevance and importance of local search for business owners.

A successful local SEO strategy will usually involve combining several elements in a unified, locally-focused campaign – ensuring your business information is fully consistent across all Internet properties, taking care to register your business with Google Maps, submitting your Google My Business listing, localising your content and more. Remember that it’s possible to add up to 10 categories to your Google My Business page invisible categories – which alone can greatly enhance your local SEO performance.

You could also hire a London SEO agency to localise your images. This is a useful trick for businesses and professionals who conduct most of their operations on location, physically far removed from their primary business address. Use a tool like the one found at to attach a geo-tag on any image relevant to your business location. Elsewhere, we predict that by 2020 up to 50% of searches will be voice-based – which means there will be much less typing involved in future. This trend should result in a greater number of long tail keywords and hyper local searches.

Our London SEO agency think that reviews will continue to play a vital role, with the most positively reviewed companies ranking higher on the local search results. We reckon that user engagement will have a more influential role; Google will assign higher relevance to businesses that receive the most constructive engagement. Basic RDP (that means Relevance, Distance and Prominence) factors are likely to stay the same, while local search engagement metrics (such as the number of times a business contact is saved in customers’ Android phones) will come more into focus.

If you’d like to know more about the changing nature of local SEO or to get better idea of what we can achieve for your business in ROI terms, please get in touch with Web Choice today.

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