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A big thanks Web Choice UK on behalf of everyone at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Hounslow, Middlesex. We commissioned a new website for our bureau in 2015 and Web Choice UK exceeded our expectations. They have been very patient with us, working at our pace, always polite helpful and professional in their approach.

The Citizens Advice is a nationally recognised organization. To our surprise this year the old branding changed while our website was being developed based on the old model.

Without hesitation Web Choice UK transformed our website to match the new specifications without any added costs.

Based on our experience we would recommend Web Choice UK to anyone who is looking to build a website.”

P. Sohal | Director of Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureaux Service


About this project

Client Brief

Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureau approached us to re-design and develop their tired and out of date website. The new website needed to be easily accessible for all users and in-line with the recently updated Citizen Advice Bureaus Branding Guidelines.


As the website needed to be accessible to a wide audience we needed to research the best tools and strategy to not only provide a user-friendly and professional design but also have features such as: Text re-sizing options, Audio descriptions, changing foreground against background colours etc. Therefore this was integrated from the start of design and throughout.

We also were required to study and implement the new branding guidelines within the design.

The website is built on the WordPress Platform to allow the Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureau Team to easily update and manage the website content on a day to day basis.


Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureau are thrilled with the new website and the fact that many more users now have access to the website and can easily access helpful information and make inquiries with them via the website.

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