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April 28, 2019
Sam Dunning
Web Design - Mortgage Experts Online - Web Choice

Simply maintaining a website isn’t a powerful business advantage anymore. A visitor now needs less than a second to decide if they like the design - and three seconds to decide if the rest of the site is worth exploring further. On top of that, the online world is changing - 2018 marked a new milestone in mobile web traffic, as more than two-thirds of the world’s population now owns a mobile - with most people using a smartphone. The number of unique mobile users worldwide is up by over 4% year-on-year. GlobalWebIndex reckons the average internet user spends six hours daily online.

The harsh reality is that if your website isn’t original, creative, interactive and user-friendly, then you will lose customers. In March, Web Choice was approached by Mortgage Experts Online for help with branding and web development. This is what we produced for them. The website has a bespoke design and uses the Drupal content management system (CMS) beloved by Google, Disney and Sun Microsystems for its scalability. Drupal’s tools are geared beautifully for effective management of SEO. Whether it’s canonical, navigation, URL mapping or Meta tags, Drupal makes it easy.


That was especially useful to us, since we’re currently working on the company’s SEO strategy. Where Drupal is also handy is that from Version 8 it is responsive, along with the admin theme that fits into any device by default. In fact, Drupal resizes the image automatically. It even offers built-in web services. As a multilingual platform, there is a need to access various data sources. Recent versions of Drupal have introduced Hypertext Application Language (HAL), which makes the utilisation of web service capabilities more intuitive.

On mobile phones and desktop computers alike, your phone number should be the most prominent call to action. Text size should change based on the viewer’s device and animations should be minimal on phones as opposed to tablets and desktops. The ‘fold’ changes on laptops as opposed to desktop computers and larger monitors, so your call-to-action graphics need to adjust for laptop sizes so that they are always above the ‘fold.’ Our web design experts keep all of these best practices in mind as they are designing websites.

Web Choice has a reputation for designing clean, innovative websites for you to wear confidently as the online face of your business. We emphasise three website design elements for maximum clout: visibility, usability and customer conversion rates. Since we produce websites that harness the latest technologies, your customers are guaranteed to enjoy a seamless experience - whether they’re using a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. This means you can properly engage the visitors that you attract to your site, reducing the risk that they move on with their search and find a competitor.

When you look over your current website, can you honestly say that each page is appealing and engaging? Is the navigation straightforward? Are the calls to action effective? If you have any doubts, then hopefully you are ready to get started on your next website design project. Contact our experts at Web Choice today!


“We contacted Sam Dunning of Web Choice for the development of our website, as well as the branding, SEO and content writing. What can I say! He was always available to us whenever we had any questions or requests for amendments. From initial conversation to fully functioning website took only two weeks. The end product looks fantastic.

“They will be supporting us for both SEO optimisation and additional web content. I cannot recommend Sam and Web Choice highly enough. Thanks for all of your hard work."


Lee Griffiths, Director



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