Top Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

November 29, 2016
Felix Michael
Top Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

The festive season is coming and this is a crucial time for all businesses running an eCommerce store. The next holiday may be around the corner, but do not despair. There is still time to ensure your website performs to the best of its ability and Santa and the holiday shoppers provide your online store with some serious profits, rather than a sack full of coal!

These strategies can be applied to any holiday, it doesn't have to be just for Christmas! Here are our top 10 tips to give your eCommerce store the edge on the competition.

1/ Give your website a fresh design for the holidays

This could be something as simple as a new landing page that is optimised and tailored for the specific holiday (Christmas, Spring, Summer, Autumn etc.). Or adding promotion sliding banners, holiday offers and more! These little touches can be the deciding factor to turn a visitor into a customer.

2/ Implement a countdown timer

Adding this feature to your website will create a feeling of urgency for visitors to your online store. The timer can be applied to a holiday sale or promotion and will encourage customers to purchase within the given time.

3/ Keep on top of your best-selling products

It is very important that you know which categories and products are the best-sellers and that your keep a large stock in place for all of these products. There is nothing more frustrating than as a customer seeing that the item you wanted is 'out of stock'. Preparation of your inventory is key.

4/ Upsell the world!

Every time a customer adds an item into their basket or wishlist, be sure to show them other similar items that they may be interested in. You can also show the customer bundle deals for multiple products, as well as listing products that 'other customers also bought'. Speak to your Full Service Web Development Company about the best way to achieve this with the power of eCommerce reporting.

5/ Keep a close eye on abandon carts

Customers that abandon a shopping cart must have been keen to buy at an earlier stage....for this reason, be sure to send out an email with an incentive to lure them back in e.g. free delivery. This little sweetener can be the difference between a deal done and a deal lost.

6/ Reward your loyal customers

The customers that make regular purchases from you deserve a little exclusive treat every once in a while. This could include 5% of the next purchase, free delivery for the next order or similar. These little perks make your existing customers feel appreciated and will bring on board more sales.

7/ Use email marketing to your advantage

Email marketing is a must during any holiday season. Use email marketing software such as MailChimp and split your customers into groups e.g. recent customers can be sent an email with other items that may be of interest to them, a promotional email can be sent to someone who has not purchased for some time and customers local to one of your stores can be sent another type of mail as shipping will be swift. Personalise the emails to the different customer groups and you will be onto a winner.

8/ Get your social media deals on wheels

Holiday seasons are prime time to be even more active on your social media channels. Here you can broadcast special discount codes to your customers, limited offers, upcoming sales and much more. All of this will direct more visitors to your website.

9/ Last-minute gift idea guides

Add a new section of your website dedicated to helping visitors decide what to buy their loved ones with free handy guides. This could be 'Top Christmas gifts for your mum' or 'Favourite holiday gifts all under £40'. These guides will not only be informative and helpful but can have direct links to each product, thus bringing in more sales!

10/ Start thinking ahead

Once the holidays are over it doesn't finish their....Instruct your Web Development Agency to start preparing your website for the next season. This could mean after Christmas you are getting ready for the new year sales or after spring your prepare your website for the summer promotions. By being well prepared you will be able to maximise conversion rates for your online store!

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