How to Choose A Web Design Company

August 20, 2012
Felix Michael

When you are looking for a web design company you should always get it done by a professional web designer. But how can you tell which web design companies are the real deal and not time wasters?

1 – Their Own Website! The first thing you should do when choosing a web design company is to look at their website. Pay the most attention to their portfolio. This will be the best indicator of what to expect from the company. Ask yourself, would you be happy with your new website if it was of similar quality to the websites in their portfolio?

2 – What level of support do they offer? As your website grows over the years it will need minor tweaks and changes. Will the web design company perform small changes as part of their customer support? Your website may also have bugs that lurked unnoticed during the testing phase. Be sure to choose a company who will fix these issues months after the site has launched.

3 – What technology do they use? Do they use shiny new tools like HTML5 and CSS3 or dusty old tools like HTML3.2 and Flash? The websites they create should be W3C valid and should be tested on all major browsers.

4 – Will you be able to host the site yourself? A good web company will give you the option to find your own hosting instead of hosting it themselves. Having the option will give you good flexibility in the future.

5 – What extra services do they offer? Optional extra services offered are a bonus. Search engine optimisation, copywriting and mobile friendly websites are often offered by web design & development companies. These may not be needed when your website is first created but are useful services for its future.

Whoever you choose to design your website you need to make sure they are professional. Their past performance will be the best indicator of their future performance. You must also consider their level of support as you will almost certain run into problems with your website.

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