5 Top Tips To Turn Your Website in to a Conversion Monster

October 06, 2016
Felix Michael
5 Top Tips To Turn Your Website in to a Conversion Monster

Obtaining and maintaining a high conversion rate for your website is critical when it comes to sales for your business.

There are many ways to increase sales, including: Increasing your Pay Per Click budget, Increasing the level of SEO your business does, producing more content for your website, hitting social media harder organically and with paid ads, etc. All of this costs a considerable amount of time and money.

It is far more cost-effective and faster to increase your website conversion rate. Think of it this way, if your current conversion rate is 2%, moving up to 4% is a 100% increase in results!

In some cases, a small tweak can cause a great improvement in conversion rates. Assigning your Web Development Company to carry out several small tweaks alongside some major tweaks can generate an outstanding increase to your results.

Here are my top tips to increase your website conversions:

1/ Ensure you have a clear and engaging value proposition

Your conversion rate is vastly determined by the value proposition, this makes it the most important conversion factor for your website.

What on earth is a value proposition?

"A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged. It is also a belief from the customer how value (benefit) will be delivered and experienced.

A value proposition can apply to an entire organisation, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, or products or services." - Taken from Wikipedia.

If your website homepage simply says 'Hello' or just lists your company name and/or your key products/services then you are missing out. There is a different between your product and the value proposition for your company. It is important to address both.

How can you build a great value proposition?

  • It must be different to your competitors offerings
  • You can provide the same level of value as your competitor apart from one key element. You must outshine in at least of one element of value. This is a very important deciding factor for prospective clients).

Crafting a value proposition requires a significant amount of thought in regards to what makes your business, products and services different to your competitors. This value proposition needs to be refined into a single, highly credible sentence.

To ensure that you value proposition fits in well with your ideal prospect, you will need to continually measure and test it. This can be done using A/B testing.

2/ Carry out A/B Testing

What is A/B testing? In short, this is a process whereby you compare two iterations of a web page against each other to see which performs the best. Usually this is an experiment where two or more page options are shown randomly to users. Tools such as Google Analytics can then be used to assess which page performs best for a set conversion goal.

Deciding the right aspects of your website to test can be tricky, but here are a few ideas:

  • The headline - This must be a strong and compelling headline that promotes your main business offering. "On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. It follows that, if you don’t sell the product in your headline, you have wasted 80% of your money." - David Ogilvy.
  • Page navigation and layouts
  • The main offer - What is the customer benefiting from this?
  • The wording of your Call To Actions (CTAs) and the positioning / sizing of these buttons - e.g. 'Sign up Today' vs 'Sign up Today for a Free Trial'. You can test different CTAs along with sizes and colours of the buttons.
  • Testing video to showcase key business services
  • Complete change. You can test two or more completely different ideas e.g. for the homepage/landing page design

AB testing in an on-going process and should not end. As soon as one page is providing great results, move onto the next!

3/ Drop the jargon

Many websites have value propositions that when you actually stop and think about them, they make very little sense.

Your website content is going to be seen by people (not jargon speaking robots), so make it clear and easily digestible for people!

A good way to re-phrase marketing hype content on your website it to imagine you are speaking to a colleague or friend. If you wouldn't use these words in conversation then change the wording on your website.

4/ Build a quality sales funnel

In many cases, sales funnels are killed by asking for the sale or sign-up too soon. These users could be simply browsing or not yet at the buying stage.

Generally, the more expensive the product, the longer time duration people will need before they are ready to commit.

For products such as SAAS (Software As A Service), offering a free trial rather than asking for a sale or sign-up right away can massively increase conversions. In many cases building a sales funnel is the best way to build trust and develop a relationship with prospective clients.

Let's say you provide an online learning service, here is an idea of the sales funnel process:

What the user wants

  • To gain information about the service

What you want

  • The user to convert into a customer

How to achieve this

  • Provide valuable free insight via videos, blogs and whitepapers
  • Become a trusted business/adviser
  • Provide valuable reasons for visitors to sign up to your email newsletter or download your whitepaper (in return for basic contact details)
  • Drip feed content, blogs, videos etc. via email
  • Send visitors your sales copy and ask for the sign-up/sale

As the saying goes, 'the fruit is in the follow-up' and it can take 7 or more contacts with a prospective client before they are ready to buy. Providing value over a longer duration before asking for the sale is key for winning more business via your website.

5/ Make it easy to buy from you

Ensure that your Web Development agency make it extremely easy for visitors to do business with you. This means, making the buying process intuitive with just a few simple clicks to reach the end goal.

Is buying on your website easy as pie?

  • Provide a small number of options - The more choice you give the easier it is for visitors not to choose. This means the user can spend less time faffing around and more time choosing an option that is a good for for them.
  • Tell the user what to do next - Always clearly guide the visitor to the next step with a highly visible Call To Action button.
  • Ask for as little information as possible - We all hate filling out detailed and complex forms, so just ask for the essential contact details. You can even give the option to sign-up via social, making it even easier for users.
  • Make sign-up optional - Allowing users to quickly checkout as a guest, will give users the freedom the quickly buy from you and help to increase conversions.

  These are just five of some of our favourite tips to improve conversions on websites. Take a look at our other blog posts for specific conversion tips for eCommerce as well as many other digital topics. Ready to turn your website into a conversion machine? Get in touch today for your free proposal!

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