Three tips for choosing a web design company

May 16, 2013
Felix Michael
Three tips for choosing a web design company

As the world of business and commerce moves increasingly into the digital age, the need for businesses – particularly small enterprises and start-ups – to become an integral part of the digital revolution has become more and more vital. A big part of this for businesses is to ensure a good, solid online presence with a quality website that is appealing, accurate, and practical. For small and start up businesses in Somerset; as with other areas around the country, the competition in all (post) recession markets is fierce. The fragile economy means that more and more businesses are vying for the same customers with the same stagnant pool of disposable income, and in order to stand a chance of competing against the big boys in business, smaller and newer companies need to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

The Decline of the High Street

Given that an ever increasing number of consumers now head online to purchase goods, sign up to services, or obtain information, an effective online presence is something that all businesses need to be carefully considering when it comes to their business and marketing strategies. For small, lesser known businesses this is particularly important, and investing some time and money in a good quality website with accurate, professional content can go a long way toward giving businesses that edge over their competitors.

Making a splash on the World Wide Web

When it comes to website design; Somerset businesses should focus on finding an experienced and professional website design company with a solid portfolio to showcase their skills. A well designed website not only helps to show a business in a favourable light but also instils greater confidence in consumers who visit the site, which means that with proper, professional web design, Somerset businesses have a far better chance of converting visitors into customers.

Qualities businesses should look for when choosing a web company

There are a number of different qualities that businesses should look for when choosing a web design company to create a stylish, eye-catching website. This includes:

    • Experience: In order to ensure quality results, it is important to choose an experienced web designer or Web Design Company. It is a good idea for businesses to look at past projects and a portfolio of completed websites in order to get an idea of the level of experience that the web design company has. You should also ensure that the designer has the required level of expertise for your requirements: e.g. are they experienced is building ecommerce sites, how easy will it be for you to modify the content when the site is live etc.
    • Quality of work: The quality of the finished website is of paramount importance, as the website will form those all important first impressions for visitors. If website visitors find themselves on a quality site with accurate, professional content and a slick finish they will be far more likely to stick around than if they find themselves on a site that has been haphazardly slapped together and packed with useless content. There is no benefit on spending hard earned money on an attractive web design if the content is second rate or full of typos.
    • Cost implications: For any business these days, particularly small and new businesses, budget is a very important issue. It is therefore important to look at the cost of having a website designed to ensure that it fits into the business budget. However, it is also important for businesses to ensure that they do not opt for low quality in a bid to save a little money, as this can be a false economy. Don’t be tempted to opt for a ‘template design’ or bargain basement website. This will stick out like a sore thumb and will not make a great impression on your clients. A decent website shouldn’t cost the earth though. Always enquire what services are included in the price and don’t be afraid to take time to shop around for the best deal.

Looking seriously at the above qualities can help businesses to make a more informed decision with regards to the web design company they use; and secure a web presence that will stand the test of time.

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