The importance of organic SEO...

February 11, 2014
Felix Michael
The importance of organic SEO...

Google takes a lot of money through AdWords, and rightly so - they have gained the world market leading position for searching the internet and have every right to monetise this position in order to make money!

However, they are also getting fairer in their dealings with seriously good websites! The new algorithm - Hummingbird, whilst some give it bad press - I feel it is better than ever, as it now rewards websites for their interaction with their client base. The reason this is good news is because those sites who are actively and helpfully engaged with their clients (rather than just selling 'stuff') will be rewarded for their efforts.

Over the years, we've learned some simple but effective ways to grow organically in Google searches.

1/ Well written, high quality -  copy. One of the keys to climbing the search engines has, and always will I think be, to have unique and well written copy. Gone are the days of stuffing 'hidden' keyword copy and seeing better results. Nowadays, you need your Copy to be unique & well written to be rewarded better positioning. So, first suggestion for you is that you have a complete overhaul of the copy on your website and make sure it is of the highest standard and not too spammy.

2/ Engaging with your clientèle. It is great to know that those websites and brands that are engaging with their clients in discussions - whether that be social media, blogs, posts, forums or message boards - are being rewarded for this. Cleverly, Google now reads this interaction. This is good news for all you hard working businesses who are constantly replying to social media messages, posting on forums or giving helpful advice on blogs (cough cough!) So - don't just spam everyone, get to know your clients and give them what they need - and that is your interaction! You reap what you seems!

3/ Quality back-links. Don't just pay someone to spam your links all over the place, as this can actually be to your detriment! However, for everyone you have a healthy relationship whether that be mutual friends, business or close dealings with - swap links! Link to their website, and visa-versa. This will give you good results if you do it in the honest way that you would in say a recommendation. Eg - "Web Choice UK are a good bunch - very helpful, highly recommended, they are indeed the best web design company in the uk" - Do this regularly and again don't spam it - and see some good results!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post - it's taken me some time to learn these points and I am learning all the time.

If you have any questions, or would like us to help you with your organic SEO - please do contact us!

Kindest regards,

Tom Maynard    

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