SEO – Top of the rankings! (Web Choice UK)

SEO - Top of the rankings! (Web Choice UK)

Friends, Fiends and Fellows –

SEO is a massive subject and one that no-one can claim as their own – you see, paying the giant Google for adverts is not always the wisest investment (but it can be depending on your product and what you are trying to do) Sometimes it pays to go in for the long haul!

We’ve learned a lot over the years and we are still learning, but at present we currently rank 27 out of  2 million for the key search term ‘Web Development’ – this is bringing us some very interesting and exciting enquiries from around the world…

Bringing it back home, to Yeovil, we are now organically listed number one for all our main search terms – ‘Web Design Yeovil’, ‘Web Development Yeovil’, ‘Yeovil Web Design’ etc etc (when I say organically, this means we are the top listing aside from those who have paid google direct for an advert)…

We would be happy to help you succeed in your on-line world – drop us an email and let us tell you how we can help….

Web Design Yeovil

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