Why Online Marketing is the Buzzword in 2017?

December 09, 2016
Matthew Price H...
Why Online Marketing is the Buzzword in 2017?

With our increasingly digital era only seeming to move further and further from reality and the high street, digital marketing has never been a more vital, growing area of online commerce and business. From the perspective of almost any industry or business with even the slightest online presence, digital marketing is the skilled, targeted advertising that can really create an online presence for a business.

Successful advertising and marketing campaigns have made or broken businesses, increasingly skilled, targeted and intelligent digital marketing techniques and strategies allows us to start replicating this success online with only one major hurdle. Google’s (and other search engines!) ever updating, changing search algorithms. Make no mistake, online marketing is by no means set in stone; 2017 is set to be an eventful year for web development companies all over.

Broadly speaking, online marketing is advertising for the virtual world. It combines social media marketing, search engine optimization as well as techniques like PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), the aim always being firmly on increasingly online awareness or presence, and making businesses available to their potential customers in the simplest and quickest way possible.

The goal for most businesses is to be on page one of a Google search, as research has proven very few people go beyond that first page. Basically, the core of online marketing comes down to appeasing the gods of the online world, giants like Google or Bing. They shape and decide which websites rank well, and which get ignored, and their list of criterion is long, speculative and confusing. Their interests ultimately lie in making internet marketing as smooth, functional and elegant as possible, so a lot of great SEO work lies website designers simply incorporating and being aware of SEO elements and techniques from the ground up in a site build. Great, reputable sites rank well.

That being said, Google does not like being played. At all. The infamous case of an industry-dominating florist overusing clumsy, dated online marketing techniques, and getting dropped from the first page of Google to the backwaters of the fifth or beyond is an adage that reinforces the value of keeping up with updates and the tech in the SEO game, and Google is forever updating their aims and algorithms. No one cheats their way to page one, Google is doing their utmost to make absolutely sure of that, so SEO frequently comes down to producing great sites, with their quality, trustworthiness and inherent value written into their every block of coding and tags.

Even then, you’ve still got to factor in a variety of other elements that various search engines utilise, such as social media indicators and the like. The search algorithms that could once be thrown by keyword stuffing have come far from their humble early nineties beginnings. Their complexity means that even the top SEO online web agencies are still utilizing a lot of trial and error to get the top ratings, albeit with some very advanced monitoring software, and some very advanced knowledge and experience of the search engine algorithms.

Google has been known to release their algorithm updates multiple times a year, and with sweeping updates often completely rewriting vast tracts of search engine optimization tricks and techniques, it really pays to keep abreast of the latest techniques and updates, as well as getting your sites SEO needs tended to and checked regularly.

So we all know online marketing has become increasingly complex and skilled over the last decade, but what’s the value of it? Why can’t your business just go without? Rely on a few good reviews, and a responsive Facebook page? The fact is, you can! But only as a business with a foot in the real world or high street. The issue is, the businesses weight will always be firmly on the high street. In order to become a real online authority, in literally any industry, you need to rank highly. You need to be found as easily as possible, look as legit as possible, and be the absolute master of all the niche products or services that your business provides.

Without online marketing putting you out there, solidifying and clarifying your service or product to your customer base, you can’t truly expect your online business to take off. Digital marketing is an incredibly fast paced and quickly moving industry, with new updates and software being released continually, allowing for exciting new potential in all branches of online marketing.

Ranging from social media marketing, search engine optimization, to various targeted online marketing and advertising forms, there’s a huge variety of different disciplines and areas to develop your business or websites online presence in, and with the constant development and improvements made by large online sites and companies, you can expect new methods and areas to emerge continually.

In order for your online marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible, you need an elegant balance across all the various disciplines of digital marketing. You want to get your money’s worth, and increase your online presence as much as possible, and the way to do that is through balance. Your Facebook wall should be well maintained and responsive, with plenty of likes, ditto for your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest, as should your SEO or banner advertising, however, you never want to overstretch yourself and limit your potency in one area. As we said, it’s all a case of balance.

The varied and ever-changing nature of online marketing renders it an exciting new industry, as well as a potent and powerful tool in the hands of businesses and websites smart enough to use it properly. A skilled online marketing campaign really can make or break an otherwise sterling business, and if your company isn’t utilising cutting edge techniques, then you’re not getting all the custom you could be getting. Online marketing is the one to watch all through 2017, as a website in need of some more attention, or an individual looking for their new niche, it’s set to make big, defining ripples in the online community in the near future.

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