5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Mobile App

September 29, 2016
Felix Michael
5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From A Mobile App

Having your own mobile app can provide some really powerful benefits to your customers. If you're thinking of building a new mobile app it is most likely going to be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You've have invented a ground-breaking new idea/business plan and believe a mobile app will be the best way to market the product/service and bring it to fruition
  • You are an established business, you have a solid Web Development strategy in place and would like to offer your customers a Mobile App to enhance the user experience for key services/products you provide

There are many advantages to assigning a Full Service Digital Agency to build your mobile app. According to Juniper, by 2020 there will be over 38.5 billion mobile devices in the world. With a colossal amount of apps already available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store, now may well be the prime time to design a cutting edge mobile app.

Below are the ultimate reasons to help your business decide if it's time to invest in a mobile app.

1/ Mobile apps provide a swift solution

Speed is crucial when it comes to visitor retention. Mobile apps page load speed are often quicker than a mobile friendly website. Plus, in many cases, as the mobile app has been downloaded to a device, many features on mobile apps are accessible without requiring an internet connection. This provides a great advantage and in today's competitive world, The brand that is able to offer the user the desired information about products/services of interest in the quickest amount of time is almost guaranteed to gain the business. Be sure that your chosen Digital Agency put the user experience and speed as a high priority for your mobile app build.

2/ Enhanced user engagement

Lady with smart phone Lady with smart phone


When a mobile app is developed to a world class standard, aimed at your target audience and effectively marketed it can significantly boost customer engagement for your business. If your mobile app caters to your target audiences exact needs, the chances are they will use it much more than a website. This is because the user can easily access the app as soon as they unlock their mobile device and every time they user their mobile device the app will be showing up as a reminder.

Push notifications also direct the user back to the app with offers, upcoming events, special promotions etc. ASOS do this brilliantly to me. Almost every time they offer a push notification for 20% discount, I cannot help but splash out on a fresh pair of trainers. All of the above helps to increase customer engagement as well as customer retention.

3/ Easy transactions via mobile

Since the introduction of services such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, the number of users paying via mobile is constantly rising. Mobile apps offer the user the ability to purchase products and services in just one click. Providing such an easy means of payment increases the chance of impulse purchasing and improves overall conversions.

4/ Social Media Promotion

Social has a massive influence on buyer behaviour. Statistics from Sprout Social tell us that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. Mobile apps allow for easier likes and shares on products and services than ever before - These likes and shares will then appear on the users friends/contacts news feeds and greatly help to market the business.

5/ Easily gain customer feedback

A mobile app is a fantastic tool for swiftly gaining valuable customer feedback. You can add surveys within the app itself, link to Google Play Store or Apple App Store for reviews, or direct users to an external site e.g. the same service used on your website to leave a rating and review. This will give you highly useful insights into customer behaviour and provide ideas for future marketing campaigns for your customers.


It is important to understand whether a mobile app is or isn't going to be helpful to your brand. Factors such as the industry you are involved in and whether your company trades online all play an important role as to whether a mobile app is right for your business. In many cases they can provide a positive impact and lead to higher conversions and profits, but it is also important that you have a great responsive website built by a reputable Web Development Company.

Interested in the benefits a mobile app can provide for your business? Get in touch today for your free proposal!

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