Leads and Enquiry Generation Through Bespoke Web Development Services

March 19, 2018
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Leads and Enquiry Generation Through Bespoke Web Development Services


Web Choice UK are a thriving  web design company offering innovative & bespoke web development services through beautifully designed websites. 'Web Choice' websites are designed to target and engage pro-active prospects, (the Web Choice UK team provide nothing but the very best web technology for people and businesses), so that they increase their lead generation and ultimately make sales. Web Choice UK websites are highly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for you to manage your website the way you want it and create smart lead generation processes.

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Many companies offer websites which are visually stunning but when you scratch the surface that is all they are. A great looking website which doesn't attract visitors and generate leads or enquiries is pretty much pointless. Using a bespoke web development service like the service of Web Choice UK  will not only increase traffic but sales too. This is what we do at Web Choice UK, and our website development team have vast experience in helping customers not to just visualise a concept of what they want from the web development, but to actually achieve it with some of the best designs on the market. Our websites focus on generating leads through the technology we implement and this  will vary depending on the individual needs of the customer. We know how to tap into the innovation that is happening in your business or industry.

Each customer’s needs are tailored to be personally engaging for potential customers, rather than offering a very generic design - we tailor make the lead generation process, making it far more valid and precise. With over 9 years' experience building amazing user experiences as well as digital marketing campaigns for customers, our web design strategies have been built upon tried and tested methods. We have mastered many processes, so our customers will see notably more traffic driven to their sites and ultimately a return on their investment.

Decent web development services help clients utilise technology so that they can nurture the leads which stem from the initial enquiry, right through to the launch of your amazing new website. A website is an integral component of your company’s identity as well as being an online storefront and many times the most important single lead generation tool. A website which is built to convert will drive revenue and our team of web developers are experts at web design and conversion. This process is the core of what we do. The developers in our team work closely with our content marketing, SEO, PPC, and inbound marketing teams to produce websites which deliver increased traffic and higher visibility on browser searches. Optimising your website so it generates leads is essential, but it is not as easy as simply throwing a "click here" button on the home page and waiting for the leads pour in. Designers and marketers need to be far more strategic in their approach and are required to optimise individual websites, so they are able to generate useful leads which result in sales.

SEO- Get Top ranking on Google

Understanding how to optimise a website is a specialised skill, but a basic understanding is required to understand how to generate increased traffic. Many components come into play when a website visit turns into a lead and the process usually starts when a visitor to a site clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) which will be located on one of the site pages. The CTA will lead them to a landing page, where a form to collect the visitor's information will be displayed. Once a customer fills in a submit the form, they are led to the thank-you page.

There are many ways to optimise your site, so that it creates leads, and one of the first things our designers do is to work out the current state of lead generation. It is important to benchmark this at the start, so success can be tracked and the areas where improvement are needed can be identified. By looking at landing pages and comparing them it is possible to see which ones are doing well and which ones are not. For example, if a site gets 2000 visits to its landing page, and 20 of them fill out the form and are converted into leads,  the site has a 1% conversion rate. If a second site has 50 visitors converted into leads for every 1,000 visits, that’s a 5% conversion rate (which is a good return).

The next step is to see how the two landing sites differ and optimise the first page accordingly. Sounds simple right? For experts like Web Choice UK, who have a proven track-record in the many different methods of website optimisation, this is our bread and butter. We do things like evaluating landing pages, CTA clicks and thank you page shares - from this information, we can produce reports which show which pages are performing the best, and then create pages just like them for our clients. Between them our team of highly-skilled experts have many years of experience and know-how so why look any further than Web Choice UK for all your lead generation and website optimisation needs?  


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