How to find the Best Digital Agency

September 09, 2015
Felix Michael
How to find the Best Digital Agency

Searching for the Best Digital Agency to carry out a project for your business can often be a very tricky and somewhat bewildering task. With most things now moving into Digital, many Digital Agencies will offer a full suite of services, including: Web Design, Web Development, App Development and Search Engine Optimisation....and be able to help you with an excellent long-term service. Deciding on the Best Digital Agency to suit your requirements and project can be the different between Huge Online Success OR loss of thousands of pounds due to poor support and disastrous delivery. Here are a few pointers and questions you can ask yourself when looking at Digital Agencies to aid you in making an informed decision for your Digital Project - 1/ Does the Digital Agency completely understand your business model and what you are wanting to achieve? The best Digital Agency will show a good understanding of the work you need carried out and ask the right kind of questions about Project Started, rather than blindly saying yes to all of your requirements, they will ask sensible questions relevant to the features you require as well as confirming your Business Goals and Objectives. The Agency will also put across valuable suggestions and ideas for the project to give you the satisfaction that they have the creativity and know-how to get the job done to a very high standard. 2/ Does the Digital Agency have a strong portfolio / experience in similar projects? When going through the website for each Digital Agency, I would highly recommend you check they have experience in projects similar to yourself e.g. if you were looking for web development of an eCommerce website and the Digital Agency had only ever worked on information based websites and App Development it may be best to have a look at another agency that has experience in projects closer to your own. When viewing the portfolio and case studies from various Digital Agencies you can often get a feel for whether you like the style of Web Design, App Development and Web Development they have produced for clients and if they have the ability to deliver a high-end solution for your business. 3/ Does the Digital Agency have a sound process in place? Many Digital Agencies will have a solid process in place for example their process for Web Design and Web Development may go something like this:

  • Stage One: Proposal approved and advance payment made
  • Stage Two: Wire-Framing (Building a bare bones foundation for how the website and features will be put together)
  • Stage Three: Begin Graphic Designing for main website pages
  • Stage Four: Front-End Development
  • Stage Five: Back-End Development
  • Stage Six: Testing and Bug Fixing
  • Stage Seven: Take Final Payment and Go Live
  • Stage Eight: Look to Market the Website and Provide Support Contract

If the agency cannot clearly explain their process from start to finish and beyond...then this is never usually a good sign! 4/ Do I go for the cheapest quote or invest a little more into the project? You will often find when looking for the Best Digital Agency that you will get a whole range of different quotes, some may be very cheap and some may seem to be asking a lot for what you need doing. Here are a few pointers that may help you in assessing the prices and offerings:

  • Has the Digital Agency clearly summarised all of my business needs and requirements?
  • Can I clearly see the value that the solution will add to my business?
  • How long will the project take to complete? Are the stages of the project clearly explained to me?
  • What is the situation for future updates and support?

I am quite fond of the old saying 'Good ain't cheap and cheap ain't good'. Which I feel really does apply in this case, if you have received one quotation that seems to be very cheap, however, the Digital Agency has not summarised your requirements very well, doesn't seem to have a great client portfolio and claims to be able to deliver the whole package in a very short amount of time - Alarm bells should most definitely be ringing! In some cases, is it worth setting aside a little more budget to enable your business to proceed with a Digital Agency that has covered all of your requirements well and that your are very comfortable with their approach and strategy. To Summarise Take your time to browse through each Digital Agency that you have short-listed, have a good look at their past projects, ensure that they completely understand your business goals and objectives and are keen to help you proceed with the solution they have recommended and make sure you are thoroughly happy with their communication and competence to deliver. Plus, it doesn't hurt to contact some of their previous clients, check out reviews and ask for recommendations. Happy Hunting!

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