Ecommerce Website Development – What Are The Trends?

March 27, 2020
Sam Dunning
Latest Trends Ecommerce Website Development

As consumers become further immersed in the digital era and current events help to elevate online and mobile-based shopping to new heights, there can only be one prediction: ecommerce website development is sure to be in high demand. However, mastering the ecommerce game is not just about good web design, stocking up and launching your site. It’s a highly dynamic industry and you need to keep pace with evolving trends. These aren’t limited to AI or augmented reality, either. We’ve looked into the emergence of voice search elsewhere, but there’s a lot more going on.

Marketing automation is worth looking into. It’s known that some businesses have already secured 17% higher click through rates (CTR) with the help of customised automation workflows. In addition to scheduling social media entries and automating email marketing, automation can include easy-to- access shopping carts and closely tailored landing pages. If you get it right, it should be possible to dispatch personalised emails to prospects and customers alike, apply users’ shopping history to reveal new promotions and goods, and re-target consumers for additional sales.

Enhanced shipping options are another powerful feature to consider. The retail sector saw shipping and logistics floundering slightly in recent times, with the occasional minor improvement such as free shipping. It wasn’t until 2013 that same-day delivery became commonplace. Now the prospect of Amazon rolling out its mooted drone delivery service appears closer. Integration with a tool like Google Maps can enable specialised drones to calculate the shortest route to their destination. Improvements in battery energy density will be needed for longer journeys though.

Subscription-based firms have made fantastic progress, driven by the increased disposable income but decreasing overall wealth of the 20-something demographic – it has been observed that they are making far fewer big one-off purchases these days. Businesses looking to pursue a subscription- based model, particularly those that send out product boxes on a monthly basis, may struggle to maintain a sense of value and variety in the long-term. So although it’s a promising system, the idea generation and level of expertise on target markets must be strong for it to be sustainable.

Finally, we expect social payments to become more prominent. First popularised by Paypal, social payment features enable users to pay for their purchases via social media. Today, almost all major social media platforms have developed their own equivalent - ApplePay, GooglePay, WhatsApp Pay, Facebook payments and Twitter Buy are just a few that spring to mind. These methods work in a similar fashion to digital bank accounts. Users can either purchase items on these platforms or from online retailers that have configured their service to work with social payment methods.

Although we’re proud of our impeccable web design credentials at Web Choice, hopefully we’ve convinced you here that ecommerce website development is about much more than just good design. It certainly helps, but you need to constantly innovate if you’re looking to maintain and improve your conversion rates and keep up with rivals. Give us a call today to learn more about how Web Choice can enhance your ecommerce business and enable you to punch well above your weight for the long haul, without costing the earth.

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