Top 5 reasons your eCommerce customers are abandoning orders

September 02, 2016
Felix Michael
Top 5 reasons your eCommerce customers are abandoning orders

No matter which Web Development Company you have assigned to build your eCommerce website, statistics prove that well over half of all shopping carts are abandoned by consumers...

According to Baymard the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is a whopping 68.63%

This means online retailers are missing out on a huge chunk of potential sales!

To help understand why prospective customers are abandoning such a high percentage of shopping carts and how to deal with this, let's review the following points:

1/ Your checkout process is sluggish

If your checkout process does not appear to be fully secure and is not clearly guided, there is a very high risk of users abandoning orders. Web Development Companies and their clients alike should push to design a checkout strategy that leads the user smoothly through the ordering process. This process should be easy to use and intuitive with minimal steps for the user. The process must also allow you to store customer basic details for marketing opportunities.

2/ Customers experience problems with their shopping experience

We are only human and when small problems occur such as items not correctly adding to wishlists or carts not updating when items are added...we will start to get frustrated and leave the process, leaving you without a sale! Ensure that your website loads lighting quick and all features work smoothly to keep customer retention levels high. If this is not the case, get in touch with your Web Development Agency to carry out maintenance on the website and ensure an appropriate hosting plan is in place to cater for the levels of traffic on the site.

3/ You are not capturing email addresses

If you don't capture emails from website visitors, you are missing out on the highly important eCommerce aspect of re-marketing to your website visitors and gaining leads in your sales pipeline. To increase the amount of emails you capture you can utilise design techniques such as lightboxes, offering user incentives if they enter their email or create an account on the store e.g. 'Free shipping for your first order'. Once you have the emails captured you will be able to track shopping carts and email users when their carts are left for a certain duration of time. This allows you to market directly to prospective customers with notifications for price reductions, low stock levels etc.

4/ You're not drawing people in

There is no carrot dangling on a stick or more simply put, no incentives to bring in more business. Incentives are an awesome way to turn an uncertain visitor into a happy customer. A good starting point is an automated email send-out to remind a user they have items left in their basket, however, sometimes a bigger sweetener is required. We would recommend a sequence of enticing emails with offers such as special promotions or discount codes to help the user convert into a customer.

5/ Not enough ways for customers to pay

It often pays off in the long run to provide your customers with a variety of payment methods. If a customer only has the option to pay via PayPal, they may be put off if they do not have a PayPal account....Whilst there may be a higher cost to run, giving customer a number of options e.g. to pay via PayPal, Debit or Credit Card means that they are much likely to have a payment option they have access to and are comfortable with.

I hope whether you are a new or established brand, these tips help you to gain more orders from your eCommerce website!

Please do let us know your own thoughts on the best way are to prevent and deal with abandoned carts in the comments.

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