Why Your Business Needs Pay Per Click

November 03, 2016
Felix Michael
Why Your Business Needs Pay Per Click

Are you looking for a quick way to start driving prospective customers to your website and boost sales? Then Pay Per Click (PPC) is for you.

Let's start with a quick dictionary definition of Pay Per Click:

"(on the Internet) a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement."

Unlike Organic SEO, PPC provides instant advertisement on Google (or other search engines) to start promoting your products or services and generating new business.

Here are the top reasons why businesses use Pay Per Click as part of their marketing strategy:

1/ You have full control over the budget

With Pay Per Click, you are in the driving seat when it comes to the advertisement spend. PPC advertising means that you will only pay when someone clicks your ad. The Cost Per Click (CPC) will depend on how competitive the keywords you are targeting are. Google Adwords allows you to view and set the CPC for keywords you are interested in before making your campaign live.

You have the option to choose whether your bids (how much you pay per click) are manual or automatic. Automatic means that Adwords will adjust your bids to fit within your budget. Manual allows you to choose the exact amount you're willing to pay per ad. If you have a set marketing spend for your business, PPC is great for sticking within your allocated budget.

2/ Start seeing results right away

Managed PPC campaigns will allow you to start seeing results very quickly. As soon as your PPC campaign is live, you will start gaining new visitors to your website. You can measure if these visitors convert (make an enquiry, go to a selected page, purchase a product etc.) by integrating Google Analytics and setting goals.

3/ Target your ideal customer

Are you looking to market your product or service to specific cities e.g. London? Not a problem! PPC allows your to drill-down to specific geographical areas, meaning that your ad will only target the people that are searching for the service or product you provide. This means you can really home in on your target audience to maximise the chances of gaining new customers. This kind of targeting is something that traditional advertising (print, television, radio etc.) just cannot match.

PPC Management should be carried out by a specialist or Full Service Web Development Agency to ensure you gain the best possible return on investment.

4/ Great promotion

With PPC your are constantly in front of your ideal customers, so even if they don't necessarily click your ad, you are still gaining valuable exposure. Your adverts can act as a gentle and continuous reminder to prospective customers to pick up the phone or to go onto your website and enquire about or purchase one of your products/services.

5/ Works great when combined with landing pages

Landing Pages used alongside Pay Per Click can provide fantastic conversion rates.

"Landing pages are focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitors clicked on to reach your page." - Unbounce

Landing pages will effectively promote the offering you are pushing via one carefully crafted page. This allows prospective customers to quickly learn the key benefits your product/service provides and then purchase, fill out a form or call your business to take the next step. If you have not got any landing pages for your PPC campaign I would recommend discussing the advantages of this with your Web Development Company.

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